A website hosted under OVH was shut down as a result of prohibited activity, hacking, or phishing. The client still has access to the FTP client, so the website can be rebooted.
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Reboot a Website under OVH Using FileZilla

How to reboot a website which was shut down after prohibited activity


The website has been shut down as a result of prohibited activity, hacking, or phishing, and is still down.



Make sure the client has the following:

  • FTP login credentials for their website on OVH
  • An FTP client. It is highly recommended to use Filezilla.


Note: this procedure does not work in SFTP

Guide the client through the following steps:

  • Open FileZilla, click on “Server”, then select “Enter custom command”.

    In FileZilla, you may see “Enter an FTP command” instead of “Enter custom command”.

  • In the new window that appears, enter the following command:

      SITE CHMOD 705 /

    If you see the following error:

    550 would not chance perms on /. not such file or directory

    You should use this command:

      SITE CHMOD 705 .
  • To check that it is back online, just test the website in a web browser.


Comment from the OVH support page:

  • To check that the reboot has been successful, simply test your website in a web browser.

  • Reminder: we recommend that you test that your website is displaying properly after 3 hours. Our robots monitor your website every 3 hours to check any change in permissions. Depending on when you make the changes, your site may display again fairly quickly.

  • If the 3 hour deadline passes and your site is still not online, please contact the support team.

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