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PGP - Transfer Key to New Machine Page An old machine will no longer be in use and the owner's PGP key pair needs to be transferred to their new machine and wiped from the old device.
PGP - Lost Keys Page The client has lost their PGP keys after formatting their machine and has no backup of their key pair.
PGP - GnuPG V2 Warning on Linux Systems Page A client is using Thunderbird + Enigmail on a Linux system. Enigmail is showing a warning message saying that the current version will be the last one to sup...
Secure Chat Tools for mobile devices Page A client has requested recommendations for secure chat tools which are compatible with Android and iOS devices and have group chat support.
PGP - Revoking old key from key servers Page A key needs to be revoked because it has been compromised or the client has lost their private key or has generated a new key.
Recommendations on Encrypted Email Web Apps Page A client is asking for a review of a specific secure web application for encrypted email, e.g. Tutanota, Protonmail, Hushmail
PGP - Add UserID Page A user needs to add a new UserID to their current PGP Key, because they have a new email address or have moved to a different job.
Install XMPP+OTR on Linux, Windows and macOS Page A client has identified XMPP+OTR as the best option for securing their chat communications and needs guidance for installing Pidgin and the OTR plugin or Adi...
Set-up Instructions for XMPP and OTR on Linux, Windows and macOS Page A client has identified XMPP+OTR as the best option for securing their chat communications and has already installed Pidgin and OTR or Adium. They now need g...
PGP Key Signing Page A PGP key needs to be signed to confirm that it's connected to a user's email address
Secure Email Recommendations Page A client needs recommendations on how to secure their email communications
Secure Survey Tools Page A client has requested advice on a secure survey tool
Remove PGP Passphrase from Cache Page A user reports that their PGP client encrypts or decrypts emails without requesting a passphrase.
PGP - Extend Expiration Date Page A client's PGP key has expired and they wish to renovate it. In some cases, without the client's warning, we may initiate the process to extend the expiratio...
PGP - Issues with Key Transfer Page A GPG key pair has been transferred to a new machine, but the passphrase for the private key is not working in the new device.
Recommendations on VoIP/video Chat Tools Page A client is looking for a secure alternative to call people; an at risk user is concerned about making calls which can be monitored or intercepted; a client ...
GPGTools Issues with Encrypting or Signing Page A new installation of GPGTools with Apple Mail on a Mac computer does not allow encrypting or signing emails. In Preferences --> GPGMail there is a green ...