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How to Clean a Malware-Infected Windows Machine Page A Windows computer is suspected to be infected with malware, or the computer behaves abnormally, with some common symptoms - unusual slowness, application er...
Removing Adware from a Windows Machine Page The client's browser is showing ads that stop them from doing what they need to do, for instance when trying to access documents from Google drive
Report and Disable Malicious C&C Server Page A C&C server is identified by malware researchers, clients, or partners to be linked to a phishing campaign or to malware targeting civil society groups;...
Advanced Threats Triage Workflow Page The client has received suspicious messages, or suspicious behaviour has been observed in the client's devices or network
How to Recognize Spear-Phishing and What to Do Page A user at risk has received a phishing message that seems targeted
Analysing Suspicious PDF Files Page A client has received a suspicious PDF file and needs to analyse it to make sure it does not contain malicious code.
MS Office Files static analysis Page How to analyze MS Office Files to find signs of malicious behavior.
Hardening VMs for static malware analysis Page How to prepare a VM for the purpose of static behavioral analysis of malware.