The client's browser is showing ads that stop them from doing what they need to do, for instance when trying to access documents from Google drive
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Removing Adware from a Windows Machine

How to get rid of adware that can harm the drive or browser of a Windows machine


  • Ads prevent the user from doing what they need to do.
  • It may cause other problems like spamming the user’s contacts.


  • Remove and uninstall any unrecognized extension.
  • Restore the default settings.
  • Install an adware removal tool (for example Malwarebytes AdwCleaner).
  • Ask the client to provide us with the adware scan report.
  • Review the log and provide the client with the right tips based on the scan report.
  • Remove any suspicious file or program detected by the malware tool.


If you suspect the client might have been targeted with other kinds of malware, also see Article #258: Advanced Threats Triage Workflow and Article #133: How to clean a malware-infected Windows machine.