A client using macOS is uploading sensitive data on an online file hosting service (DropBox-like) without protecting it through encryption.
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Encrypt Files on a Mac with GpgTools

Use GpgTools to protect data


  • Sensitive information is being sent or stored online with no protection or encryption.
  • Sensitive files need to be protected in case a computer or storage device is stolen or lost or there is a break-in in the client’s office.
  • Backups are currently stored with no protection or encryption.
  • Need to send sensitive data to a specific person encrypting the data with their public key and uploading it to a hosting service.


This article is dedicated to specific cases where GPG is to be used for encrypting files. For other options, please see Article #210: File Encryption with Veracrypt or GPG.

Download and install GpgTools.

Use the contextual menu (that appears by right-clicking on files you want to encrypt) as shown in this tutorial

Help the client practice encrypting and decrypting files.

Follow up with an email in case further details need to be clarified.