First response, Email to Client
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Initial Reply in English

First response, Email to English-speaking Client


Dear ,

Thank you for contacting the Access Now Digital Security Helpline ( My name is and I am here to help you.

We have received your initial request and my team is now working on it.

Please be informed that the Helpline is operated by a group of security professionals working from different time zones. Therefore, different team members may answer to your messages depending on the time and day it was received. Myself or one of my colleagues will follow-up with you shortly to request for additional details or supplementary context needed to process your request.

Please continue to include “[accessnow #]” in the subject line for all future correspondence about this issue. This is a reference ID generated by our ticketing system to manage and coordinate tasks for your request.

We would be grateful if you could tell us what name and pronoun/s you would like to be addressed with.

Kind regards,