Template to ask the company that hosts a malicious website to disable it
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Disable C&C Server - Email to Hosting Provider

Template for writing to the company that hosts a malicious website to disable it


Dear ,

I am from Access Now’s Digital Security Helpline team - https://www.accessnow.org/help. We have received reports that a website hosted within your premises is infecting visitors with malware:

  • [[ URL] ] [[ replace http with hxxp to prevent infections ]]
  • [[ IP ]]

In the above URL(s), http has been replaced with hxxp to prevent accidental infections.

[[ Replace the following paragraph with your analysis of the situation ]]

There is a malicious JavaScript injected into several web pages. The script loads 3rd-party content onto the PC of the visitor from the following URL:

  • [[ URL ]]

Please remove all malicious content from your web server. Patch all applications (content management systems, plugins, etc.) and server components (web server, FTP, etc.) to the latest version and review the security settings of all components.

You can find a collection of best practices on this web site:

  • https://www.circl.lu/pub/tr-26/

Please, don’t hesitate to get back to us if you have further questions or need additional support.

We would appreciate it if you could confirm the receipt of this report.

With best regards,