Email template for outreach - addressed at members of civil society
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Outreach Template

Email template for outreach - addressed at members of civil society


Dear friends,

It’s a pleasure to introduce Access Now Digital Security Helpline, a free of charge resource that offers real-time, direct technical assistance and advice to users at-risk around the world.

We know that many civil society members in [[ region/sector ]] are facing particular digital security attacks [[ description ]], and we would like to help.

Among the services the Helpline provides to independent media, journalists, bloggers, human rights defenders, activists and other civil society organizations, are:

  • Rapid response on digital security incidents.
  • Personalized recommendations, instructions and follow-up on digital security issues.
  • Guidance on the usage of digital security tools.
  • Support for securing technical infrastructure, websites, and social media against attacks.

The service is provided 24/7 all year round. If you have any personal or organizational digital security issues you want to raise with us, whether connected or not to the current situation, please go ahead and email us at [email protected]. You can encrypt your email by using this PGP key:

We will be pleased to provide our support in the effort of securing your digital activities on- and off-line. Please note that the service is free and confidential.

Best regards,